Manage Active Directory

Manage Active Directory
Software features
  • Users accounts, attributes, and password management
  • Group attribute management
  • GPOs and DFS management
  • Events management for both local and remote computers
  • Allows to perform operations such as enable, disable, add, delete, move, unlock, etc on multiple computers, users and groups
  • Jobs and task scheduling and management
  • Services, devices, printers, network share management
  • Management of domain, organizational units and domain controllers
  • Management of directory attributes
  • Excellent Remote Shares functionality
  • Allows to create bulk users from CSV file
  • Inbuilt object manager that helps in creation and editing of AD and WMI queries
  • Supports Windows Server 2000 and 2003, Windows XP and all later version of Windows OS
  • Easy access to inbuilt system tools and network management utilities
  • Easy options for editing details of already added users and adding and setting rights for newly added users
  • Access to all Shell functions through context menu
  • Easy access to the shell properties to the share of a remote computer and manage user rights on that share
  • Auditing Active Directory objects
  • Automatic development of AD reports

Manage Active Directory Software

Version Update:
LADM 13.09.01 is now available!

If you are an administrator managing domains, computers, users, groups, mailboxes, Organizational units, etc using Windows Active Directory, you may be finding it difficult to manage time for efficiently managing all the Active Directory (AD) Objects and preparing AD reports for all the computers present in your organization. Tasks like adding domains in Windows Active Directory, creating Organizational units in domains, defining distributional groups and security and assigning scope to them are among the most time-consuming jobs for administrators, AD managers or any help desk personnel. Especially since all the tasks mentioned above must have consistent and flawless management, they demands for additional care and hence additional time from the person managing them.

If the Active Directory Manager or the administrator is provided with an efficient Active Directory management tool, it will ease the task of managing AD objects and will also save a lot of substantial time of the administrator or help desk person managing them. Their work pressure will be reduced and they will not have to spend hours preparing AD reports thereby improving the overall work quality.

Lepide Active Directory Manager is a prominent, enterprise-level, and sophisticated tool developed to manage Active Directory objects in a simplest, fast, and flawless manner through automatic generation of AD audit and general reports. Active Directory Management software enables the administrator and help desk staff to manage all Active Directory single and multiple user accounts, their passwords, their personal and professional details, logon hours, computer attributes, etc. from a central location with the help of generation of Active Directory Reports. Furthermore, the LADM also helps administrators to manage multiple users, computers and groups. Functions like copying multiple users, groups or computers to a server, viewing their group membership and sending them messages all at once is possible.

Lepide Active Directory Manager is a complete AD management tool that helps in performing a myriad of functionalities to effectively manage AD objects. It helps in centrally managing domains, computers, users, groups, policies, devices, services, tasks, network shares, open files and distributed file system.

The AD management tool generates more than 65 customizable AD reports in both graphical and tabular formats for easy understanding of status and activity of AD objects. The user interface of the tool is similar to Windows 7 which makes using of LADM extremely easy and effective. By following the simple steps given below, you can easily manage Active Directory objects by using Lepide Active Directory Manager tool:

Free Trial Versions

Lepide Active Directory Manager software in undoubtedly one of the best AD management tool with self-descriptive features. The tool is also available as a 15 day free trial version. The trial version contains all the functionalities as the full version but works only for 15 days. You can also avail round the clock technical support on purchase of complete version of the AD management software.

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Thank You I tried all tricks then I got Lepide Active Directory Manager, amazingly good product.

Thanks a lot for a good product! and I will HIGHLY recommend you to my clients!

Manager tool:

Lepide Active Directory Manager tool:

  • Download the LADM software
  • Install the software. It will display local computer and other domains to manage Active Directory.
  • Based on your requirement you can select and option for management of AD objects and then follow on screen instructions.
  • Software runs successfully on all computers with any version of Windows OS